Inside The Strange Way Donald & Melania Eat At Mar-A-Lago

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24 күн мурун

Watch the video to see inside the strange way Donald and Melania eat at Mar-A-Lago.

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AJ 7 саат мурун
Donald is way old enough for a retiree old white guy life. Melania, is my age. This woman needs to finally get a job. Einstein scholarship my A$$.
A 8 саат мурун
Consuming Diet Coke all day long will definitely make you crazy.
Matt Masc
Matt Masc 8 саат мурун
Donald Trump: America’s Rectum.
Steve Hartley
Steve Hartley 10 саат мурун
Who cares about those LOSERS
Lyn Spencer
Lyn Spencer 12 саат мурун
Who gives a shit about what and how either one of these sick pathetic morans are 🙄‼️
Lucky Whitfield
Lucky Whitfield 15 саат мурун
Way to go President Trump and First Lady we miss y’all. Write ✍️ a Book 📚 on The crooks in Office now . How that mail in Ballot suck and cheated you from beeing our President again. We Miss Y’all Love 🥰 y’all We Know Y’all Were For The American people. God Bless Y’all 🙏
Lucky Whitfield
Lucky Whitfield 11 саат мурун
No one like 👍 my reply kiss my ass Trump all the way👍👍👍
Marsha Mariner
Marsha Mariner 11 саат мурун
Alex Sinclaire
Alex Sinclaire 18 саат мурун
No one cares about the fat fascist and his Russian mail order bride! Stop reporting this as news cuz he’s fired!
Jan Marie Hall polastry
Jan Marie Hall polastry 18 саат мурун
This site is full of haters I see. maybe you shouldn’t do stories like this. I’m sure there’s bigger stories coming down the pike, and you’ll be shitting in your diapers. when you find out what’s been going on. And who you’ve really been watching.
Julie Gogola
Julie Gogola Күн мурун
I am just really HOPING that Melania has taught Barron how to be a real HUMAN BEING. After all she HAD once while Barron was young said that Barron is a little Donald in how he thinks. She just really NEEDS to have instilled in him SOME sense of "right and wrong", and that "people are NOT existing to serve YOUR NEEDS". SHE has shown Barron a lot of LOVE, so, IF he goes on to treat women like crap, it just HAS to nature ABOVE nurture. Say what you will about Melania, BUT, she really does LOVE Barron, and surely SHE will NOT want him to be like DJT.
soul ssd
soul ssd Күн мурун
who care
Chris Landree
Chris Landree Күн мурун
When you mix a narcissist with a gold digger you get trouble! They are both drama Queens!
Chris Landree
Chris Landree Күн мурун
Yes she's with her parents who came over here through chain migration remember that Donny?
Karen Piotte
Karen Piotte Күн мурун
tbuc Күн мурун
Quote: They are looked at like zoo animals , hahahaha , that is funny. That place should be named Horror Lago
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray Күн мурун
DER TREASONOUS NAZI FUHRER TRUMP eats from a bowl on the floor like the TREASONOUS NAZI DOG he is!
Hurtful Truth
Hurtful Truth Күн мурун
The real question is who cares besides his followers? They're the ones licking his butthole. I run my life the way I want and I don't let politics ruin it.
Rick Ster
Rick Ster Күн мурун
Hopefully Don The Con is having the kitchen make prison like food because, well, you know. As for Melania, I thought she only required a steady “diet” of three in one oil to keep the gears well lubricated.
Marsha Mariner
Marsha Mariner 11 саат мурун
Michayal Valder
Michayal Valder Күн мурун
It's all in the contract. Divorce is right around the corner.
Robert Shorthill
Robert Shorthill 2 күн мурун
A weird vid about the weirdest couple to ever walk upright. Ya know, why not a vid on the tRump getting his diaper changed or something interesting like that. F*** all this sh**t about the tRump family. Why is all this crap constantly being rubbed in our faces -- if it wasn't MADE NEWS, he would be just an ordinary fat schlub with nothing positive to contribute to a community, his country, or to the human race. Instead, all he wants is to be glorified, fawned over, told how friggin' great he is. The scumbag has no talent, no appreciation of anything except constantly being glorified and how can he pull off his next grift and make himself look great afterwards. The man (?) has no SOUL !
Jonny Fran
Jonny Fran 2 күн мурун
I can’t wait to see him the center of attention in a jail cell that’s where the asshole don’t make no mistake about it
Kathryn Hagemeier
Kathryn Hagemeier 2 күн мурун
Trump's Ball of Confusion on Utube very interesting.
F.U. A Whole
F.U. A Whole 3 күн мурун
Oh yeah....her parents who became citizens thru "chain migration".... Mmm, mmm, mmm, Hypocrite there much Fat Donny?
James Voit
James Voit 3 күн мурун
Hamberders n filet-o'fish
Robert Watson
Robert Watson 3 күн мурун
Notice she does not sit right next to him and there is a fan that blows from behind her near the floor so that no one Notice it this is sothat she can eat her dinner with out swelling the load of crap in bunker boy dumbass Donald's depends.
Rita Pulvino
Rita Pulvino 3 күн мурун
Apparently someone cares what crazy is doing the clip had over 1K viewers!
Mary Torres
Mary Torres 3 күн мурун
He eats strange because he is strange 🤔😏
Argelia Mayer
Argelia Mayer 3 күн мурун
They both should be in jail.
Gilberto Salas
Gilberto Salas 3 күн мурун
How does the bunker boy and mar-a-lago get their drinking water ? Their neighbors flush their toilets twice.
Chris Landree
Chris Landree Күн мурун
That would explain why he's full of shit now wouldn't it?
Stacy McGuire
Stacy McGuire 4 күн мурун
Okay, I will respond....YAWN
Ed McHenry
Ed McHenry 4 күн мурун
What a phucking DOOFUS! When are we going to forget this guy? Quit boring me!
Audrey Kennedy
Audrey Kennedy 4 күн мурун
Reminds me of Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI living at Versailles. But they were king and queen...🙄😏
M S 4 күн мурун
I knew MELANIA dined on souls!! I knew it! What is sheeee????
M S 22 саат мурун
@Chris Landree 😆 🤣 😂 she look-a-like-a man
Chris Landree
Chris Landree Күн мурун
Actually that's Banshee!
M S 4 күн мурун
Omgosh, I thought it was going to be Ass to Mouth. 🤔 or did they just keep that part out? 😃
Timothy Tew
Timothy Tew 4 күн мурун
Everyone wants to know where is Melania? Well, she's been staying at my house with her partner April and she's still recovering from breast reduction surgery. Please don't tell Donald.
Pamela McCall
Pamela McCall 3 күн мурун
Who on earth cares???
Conrad Shawn
Conrad Shawn 4 күн мурун
She's never in her life had anything "reduced". Unless its been her IQ with a lobotomy.
SoSue Me
SoSue Me 4 күн мурун
LOSER !!! If he were still president we would be all dead by now . He checked out of helping us as soon as he found out he didn’t win !! He shouldn’t be getting all this attention and I blame the reporters!!!
Debbie Horn
Debbie Horn 5 күн мурун
ECH ! Just think how awful it would be to "BE " with that man !!!!! SO GROSS , I don't care how much money he had . ( which he doesn't .)
Marsha Mariner
Marsha Mariner 11 саат мурун
Ty. I've said b4 and more again. NO AMIUNT OF $$ could get me to b near him much less in the bedroom!!!!! 🤢🤢🤮🤮🌎🌍😂🤣😂😆
M S 4 күн мурун
Man? Blob
pollywanda 5 күн мурун
Ex-emperor Trump can drag his 300 pounds of waddling woe into a sailboat named THE PASSING WIND and flee to his new kingdom of Magastan-- GOOD RIDDANCE
jdb0272 5 күн мурун
Benedict Donald is so comically stupid. He's nonstop hilarity. So sad stupid people take him seriously. So sad.
Ricardo Cruz
Ricardo Cruz 5 күн мурун
I just remember them flying away like little b*tches with their tail between their legs and not accepting defeat.
kennethmregan 5 күн мурун
He’s GREAT !
Kyle Frost
Kyle Frost 5 күн мурун
If he thinks he's stepping back into office 08/21, he's greatly mistaken.
Evil Rev
Evil Rev 5 күн мурун
More TDS nonsense
diana burns
diana burns 5 күн мурун
Uuuggghhhh disgusting! Theyre both gross and classless
William Buck
William Buck 5 күн мурун
Diaper Don sits in his Height Chair!
Diane Mcdonnell
Diane Mcdonnell 5 күн мурун
Ruth Williams
Ruth Williams 6 күн мурун
I don’t really care, do you..
May Newzion
May Newzion 6 күн мурун
Who cares??
Sandra Gruhle
Sandra Gruhle 6 күн мурун
Gee, how far did he have to move to get adoration? When Miami Beach tires of him, moving to Russia might just have to be his next move, with his fourth wife, Marjorie Taylor Greene.
Ann Magness
Ann Magness 4 күн мурун
I don’t know about her! I have no problem with being Transgender but I just see it in her or she has some very manly features about her🤔
d anderson
d anderson 6 күн мурун
The Golddigger and Clown
Ralph Aaron
Ralph Aaron 6 күн мурун
Bruce McDonald
Bruce McDonald 5 күн мурун
Ralph Aaron
Ralph Aaron 6 күн мурун
Marsha Mariner
Marsha Mariner 11 саат мурун
Manuel Medina
Manuel Medina 5 күн мурун
The limp doesnt believe in god so why even say this lol hes a scamer
Richard Caudell
Richard Caudell 7 күн мурун
Free vomit press giving the pooseheads some liberal vomit to lick up sick ain’t it.
Koni Karino
Koni Karino 7 күн мурун
Miłych wakacj życzę Pani Melania Tramp i wszystkim z rodziny Pani.
Gabriela Navarro
Gabriela Navarro 7 күн мурун
🤢🤢so tired of hearing about this awful man and this disputable woman. She needs to admit she is only there for the money.
Dolores Abdelwahed
Dolores Abdelwahed 5 күн мурун
We could Care less about the biggest lying couple in the world they're both full of s*** and she's there just for the money you want that fat ass old orange looking man he's a fraud and a phony too just like his wife
HollyWood 8 күн мурун
If I married for money I sure in the hell could pretend to love fatso clown trump I have my own money so there 😅😅😂
HollyWood 8 күн мурун
HollyWood 8 күн мурун
trump Biden and republicans his supporters are all mafia so there
Casey Jude
Casey Jude 8 күн мурун
1:43 1:51 that doesn’t look like Melanie
Sveng 8 күн мурун
This is no news!
George Manor
George Manor 8 күн мурун
He is such a loser
HollyWood 9 күн мурун
trump will be getting his button pushed in prison 🤣😅😂
Dolores Tatton
Dolores Tatton 8 күн мурун
You really mean Biden and his mafia type family and where s Hunter?
HollyWood 9 күн мурун
Trump better get used to prison food
Cheryl DiManno
Cheryl DiManno 10 күн мурун
Who cares anything about these two freaks? 🥶
Islander Byrd
Islander Byrd 10 күн мурун
Ann Magness
Ann Magness 11 күн мурун
Diet Coke or any other type of drink that is diet in the name! Is very unhealthy!There is no way with the way it has been told what he eats,he could’ve healthy! His Cholesterol has to be very bad! He is at high risk for Diabetes and or a Heart Attack or Stroke or both🤞🏻
Ann Magness
Ann Magness 2 күн мурун
@Conrad Shawn I don’t believe he is actually rich! Yes he might own many things but they are not liquid and he owes more than they are worth!
Conrad Shawn
Conrad Shawn 2 күн мурун
@Ann Magness Well, he was the President. He should've had access I guess. Not now. His access should be the same as everyone else on the street. We all know that's not how it works though. Money talks. He'd never admit it he did have it though. He'd make it sound like an asset or advantage. "I'm gonna have the best dementia. Everyone says it's the best they've ever seen"
Ann Magness
Ann Magness 2 күн мурун
@Conrad Shawn Yes he does have many signs of it! He is just able to get better drugs for it than us regular people!
Conrad Shawn
Conrad Shawn 2 күн мурун
@Bill Haddad Susceptible to dementia too. In fact I think it's already started..
Bill Haddad
Bill Haddad 2 күн мурун
He's susceptible to diabetes and heart attack...every cloud....
Joy Furden
Joy Furden 11 күн мурун
I could care less.
Bruce McDonald
Bruce McDonald 5 күн мурун
Not me. I COULDN'T care less.
Ted .A
Ted .A 11 күн мурун
Who gives a shit how they eat some people are just crazy!
Patricia Wills
Patricia Wills 12 күн мурун
get a life
ANDERSSON 12 күн мурун
World's most popular piece of crap
Keith Weyel
Keith Weyel 12 күн мурун
I can say that a couple of other first ladies that should back away and keep quite Michelle Obama & Hillary Clinton , those 2 never learned to STFU
Joan Holland
Joan Holland 13 күн мурун
Geez I’m wondering if he can restore all those Natural wonders he destroyed 😢😢😢
Patricia Beavers
Patricia Beavers 13 күн мурун
Don't talk about our Pres and his wife in a negative way . The Trumps are well loved and Mr Wolf's book or anything else won't stop that . HE CARES ABOUT us sweaty Walmart , deplorables and WE LOVE HIM BACK ! GOD bless America .
Remy Ila
Remy Ila 14 күн мурун
Maybe this VLOG is also obsessed & TRUMP syndrome
Johnny jeter
Johnny jeter 14 күн мурун
The winer in chief and wedding. Crasher
Timothy McGuire
Timothy McGuire 14 күн мурун
Really, who cares what the snake eyed birther does?
Timothy McGuire
Timothy McGuire 14 күн мурун
" I really don't care, do you?"
Vera Howard
Vera Howard Мүнөт мурун
@Michayal Valder I'm not the one who's ignorant you're the one who wanted Biden or far left radical,! Obviously you made the bad choice.
Vera Howard
Vera Howard 7 саат мурун
@Timothy McGuire maybe you should learn a better choice of words. You're really not getting your point across to people who don't talk that way
Vera Howard
Vera Howard 7 саат мурун
@Michayal Valder you just like to insult people why don't you just be quiet and read my answers?
Vera Howard
Vera Howard 8 саат мурун
@Michayal Valder All you are is disrespectful. Where's the blattant poster child the Democrats have? You know the one that always sits in the street ?
Vera Howard
Vera Howard 8 саат мурун
@Michayal Valder e Everything I see something you txt it's ignorant.
Madame Zimba
Madame Zimba 14 күн мурун
Now talk about the people occupying the white house currently. Delve into the weird way Jill and good ol Joe met, the ins and outs of their relationship. Don't forget about Hunter either. Talk about the relationships he has had with the females in his own family. Bet you won't ever do that.
Miss Marlene
Miss Marlene 15 күн мурун
He’s our president!
Ria 15 күн мурун
Nukak Maku Girl
Nukak Maku Girl 15 күн мурун
dude, this is cool
Augusta Jones
Augusta Jones 15 күн мурун
Who believed anything CNN says???
Michayal Valder
Michayal Valder Күн мурун
Anybody but a trumptard.
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore 15 күн мурун
Why not go to Mar a Lago and see for yourself? I'm sure Donnie would make you more than welcome!
Natalie Michnya
Natalie Michnya 15 күн мурун
😂😂😂😂 the ultimate wedding crasher 😆😆😆😆
Rick Ruckstuhl
Rick Ruckstuhl 15 күн мурун
CNN is nothing but a DNC smear rag
Debbie Uronis
Debbie Uronis 16 күн мурун
The best President and First Lady EVER!!!!!
Al Szawara
Al Szawara 5 күн мурун
lynda morris
lynda morris 16 күн мурун
Should see how my family eats
Maryanne Ratema
Maryanne Ratema 16 күн мурун
Cynthia Gillette
Cynthia Gillette 16 күн мурун
poot and beans
poot and beans 16 күн мурун
Must be tough for CNN knowing their viewership has decreased since Trump is no longer president.
poot and beans
poot and beans 8 саат мурун
@Michayal Valder They had to pay out $200 million to the Covington Kid.
poot and beans
poot and beans 8 саат мурун
@Michayal Valder I'm an independent, why are you assuming my political views?
poot and beans
poot and beans 8 саат мурун
@Laur Pellett Why are you assuming I watch Fox news? And by the way CNN has been sued several times. The most recent was the $200 million suit won by the covington kid for reporting false information. Tell me again how they were following basic journalistic rules?
poot and beans
poot and beans 8 саат мурун
@Anita Mcgrath Why are you assuming I watch Fox news?
Michayal Valder
Michayal Valder 8 саат мурун
@poot and beans wrong
Catherine Borradaile
Catherine Borradaile 16 күн мурун
🤢who cares
Danny Mark
Danny Mark 17 күн мурун
Well the Slovenian ice queen FLOTUS has fulfilled her obligations as Donald's arm candy not to be confused with eye candy. Obviously with the Trump business empire imploding Donald has outlived his usefulness to her and she doesn't want to be associated with such a loser. She is free now to move onto her true love that being the emerging Oedipal manhood of young Barron. No one said she and this dreadful family was normal.
Anteres 18 күн мурун
Such a creepy person.
judy laaper
judy laaper 18 күн мурун
What a weird way to live.
Patricia Harmon
Patricia Harmon 18 күн мурун
I thank them both for honesty and class. And yes I will be voting for president trump for a 3rd time. No matter what he made the right decisions
D S 18 күн мурун
I freaking Love and Miss President Trump! Yes he was thee duly elected President for 2021…Everyone in the USA and World Knows it!
Donna Braithwaite
Donna Braithwaite 17 күн мурун
Give you the benefit of the doubt and presume that was sarcastic wit? I am not American but can't understand why anyone would think Trump had anything to contribute....what a train wreck that man is ...
Bonster Monster
Bonster Monster 18 күн мурун
Love them both. He never took a dime of income while President. All their fortune is theirs including Mar Lago. Miss them terribly. Why are they still trashing Melania? She is a vision of beauty, style and grace.
Vera Howard
Vera Howard 5 күн мурун
@Bruce McDonald I think you better start worrying we have a far left lying media, far left radicals are running our country. Do you really want to believe this. What world are you living in? The truth is not painful to an American Patriot it's painful to a far left radical. That's why the radicals are always changing the rules. The key word is still Freedom! God Bless America and God bless our President Donald J. Trump!/ in case you don't know it the government is supposed to work for the people. They're not supposed to barricade up in the capital and get the best protection while the American people are out here facing gangs and Antifa and BLM. Foreign and domestic enemy. An anti-American anti-Semitic Congress with Muslim ideology. Are you out of your mind? I think you better look up the word Anarchy. That's lawlessness people who do not live and abide with laws. And every day of America's lives we are living in chaos.
Al Szawara
Al Szawara 5 күн мурун
@Vera Howard holy crap Vera, you must have had 5 gallons of the Trump koolaid. You are so delusional.
Vera Howard
Vera Howard 5 күн мурун
@Bruce McDonald surely you jest! In 6 months Joe Biden has almost totally destroyed our country.. if Joe Biden has six more months will be living in tents no food no fuel no nothing. President Trump had this country in the best condition it was in in a long time. President Trump almost had the wall finished for our safety. The only reason we have immigration coming through as bad as it is because these are Joe biden's voters. What about Cuba theirs is their life and freedom they are carrying American flags. Illegals are admitting to socialism with Joe Biden.
Bruce McDonald
Bruce McDonald 5 күн мурун
@Vera Howard covid peaked at the end of Trump's presidency. It is down and the economy is up under Biden. (And THAT is with covid shutting half of the businesses down). Check the graphs tracking covid cases and deaths and check the Dow Jones Industrial index if you don't believe me. (But I know you won't because the truth is too painful.)
Vera Howard
Vera Howard 16 күн мурун
@Donna Braithwaite you have that wrong Trump is not temporary as you will see. Biden's America is not the America we choose to live in. You just can't come into a country and change it into socialism by cheating at elections. We are a country of laws. And the temporary thing is that this whole crisis will soon be over. The trouble with lies is you have to keep telling lies. But you only have to tell the truth once. I see you haven't found an interest yet to occupy yourself.
Sharo Dominguez
Sharo Dominguez 18 күн мурун
Very much missed!!!! GOD bless them!❤️
Michayal Valder
Michayal Valder Күн мурун
With that last name? Trump hates you, guaranteed.
Bruce McDonald
Bruce McDonald 5 күн мурун
In hell.
Dragonfly Hill
Dragonfly Hill 18 күн мурун
CNN is not to be trusted.
Michayal Valder
Michayal Valder Күн мурун
Your mom
Lisa T
Lisa T 18 күн мурун
Really folks??!! Get a life and move on.
Lisa T
Lisa T 18 күн мурун
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