The Sad Way Sarah Palin Learned Her Husband Wanted A Divorce

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17 күн мурун

Sarah Palin became internationally famous in the election that led to Barack Obama's first Presidential term. Before this, however, Palin was the governor of Alaska, and before that a wife and mother. It's Palin's home life that may have been hit the hardest as the Governor sought further success in the Republican Party, and Palin eventually divorced her husband in 2020 after more than 30 years, a move that her ex actually initiated. Palin's relationship with her husband was apparently not the happiest, especially toward the end, but she still didn't see it coming. Here's the sad way Sarah Palin learned her husband wanted a divorce.

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Kenneth Brown
Kenneth Brown Саат мурун
“A disease”… that’s the best description I’ve ever heard of her.
Brenda Jerez
Brenda Jerez Күн мурун
At least you can still see Russia from your living room. Chin-chin!
Equipment Management Services
Equipment Management Services 2 күн мурун
That poor woman has put up with more shit thown at her than anybody...with the exemption of President Trump... I've ever heard of. I wish her all the best.
Judith Forgony
Judith Forgony 3 күн мурун
Some people think divorce is nothing and they don’t realize that’s open the door for the devil to destroy families,what god put together no one ever will separate it unless they will prepare to pay the price.
mary duffney
mary duffney 3 күн мурун
BET THERE WAS A OTHER WOMEN SOMEWHERE, been down that road saw a lot of people break up, and there is most always, an other man or women .
Ev. Adele mandagie
Ev. Adele mandagie 3 күн мурун
I am not keen on her. The way she behaved ripping Trump's speech publicly. It really shows her character. But, her husband asking for divorce by sending an email. That is something! No manners at all.
Artfuldodger! 20 саат мурун
When did Governor Sarah Palin rip Trumps speech? I saw Nancy Pelosi rip Trumps speech.
Shannon Laubert
Shannon Laubert 4 күн мурун
What an absolute cowardly jerk! He wasn't 'man enough' to talk to her about his feelings and have the decency to tell her privately. Sarah will be OK...her ex will fall flat on his face! Been there, done that!
R. Albanese
R. Albanese 4 күн мурун
This was done the wrong way 100% by her husband & it's very sad & he's obviously a dishonest , disloyal & personally thinking; how does he really expect to have good fortune in his life as a divorced man?
Marcy Jacobs
Marcy Jacobs 4 күн мурун
Who cares??
Billy in Alabama
Billy in Alabama 4 күн мурун
At least he got a wonderful birthday present out of it.
Thomas 4 күн мурун
One of the first of the crazy GOPQ. 100% nut job.
R Rain
R Rain 4 күн мурун
This though sad when a marriage ends. What happens behind closed doors should be private to those involved. And both parties are mature enough to realize and move on. It is not for us to guess or make up what is happening.
William Turner
William Turner 4 күн мурун
I got a hand written note on the kitchen table. "I have the kids. I have an attorney."
Shanan Alexander
Shanan Alexander 4 күн мурун
Ya know what? I don’t understand how people can say that any person should just let go, and if they don’t they are pathetic. You love someone that long and they have every right to try to save their marriage. Especially when it was told to you in an email. That’s a punch to their gut. At least it wasn’t on a post it.
Harvey Lim
Harvey Lim 5 күн мурун
Palin your loko
Tararyze 11
Tararyze 11 5 күн мурун
Shes a total NUT JOB wonder it was an email and s Birthday Present!!! Hellooo its OVER🙄😒
Samantha Workman-Fenn
Samantha Workman-Fenn 5 күн мурун
I really get how she thought she got shot 😌
Bob DePaola
Bob DePaola 4 күн мурун
Damn straight! He put up with a lot. Especially since 2008. I'm sure Caribou Barbie was insufferable after she was selected to be John McCain's VP
Marsha Newman
Marsha Newman 5 күн мурун
No one wins!
Frank Brennan
Frank Brennan 5 күн мурун
Yuh because McCain was out to screw Americans.
Clare Logue
Clare Logue 5 күн мурун
My parents fought daily but remained faithful, for 70 yrs! A blessing for me!
b p
b p 4 күн мурун
How could that be a blessing to listen to parents arguing for 70 years? Pretty sure that's the cause for most of our problems?
Marian Serra
Marian Serra 5 күн мурун
We make divorce too easy. I guarantee there's a younger and tighter you know what in the background. God bless her and may He bring her peace.
Crystal Telf
Crystal Telf 5 күн мурун
I’m sure it was hard for him to put up with such a horrible liar....I mean sweet honest gal! 😂😂
Barbara Jolley
Barbara Jolley 5 күн мурун one deserve that kind of "notification." Just a thought: her husband may not have been too happy with being in the spotlight.
Don Smith
Don Smith 5 күн мурун
Besides being Governor of Alaska and a Fine Looking Lady, Sarah Palins DUD husband DOOFUS (todd) sent an E - Mail to Sarah wanting a Divorced??!!!
Ann Carr
Ann Carr 5 күн мурун
Fourwaygo 1306
Fourwaygo 1306 5 күн мурун
I am so sorry Sarah. I still love you though. God bless you always.
Cyn 6 күн мурун
I do not feel bad for her. First, she QUIT her job as a Governor which is terrible. She thought she could do financially better doing Hollywood. Also, her oldest daughter (17 Years old) had not one, but two babies, no husband and with different men. Their one son beatup and attacked his father, she also has a child that is special needs so all this tells me she needs to stay home and take care of those kids and raise them better. Joan Rivers did a swap and went up there to Alaska and said the kid is badly behaved and basically run the house. No rules, no consequences and no one really leading. If you cant take care of your kids and always gone, then maybe you should of reconsidered having all these kids.
Bob DePaola
Bob DePaola 4 күн мурун
Well said! All her "supporters" seem to gloss over the fact that she quit the governorship to enrich her bank account. She sold out!!
Janet Rainwater
Janet Rainwater 6 күн мурун
What a skum bag. 💩👎😳😈👎👎👎👎👎👎
Randle Roberts
Randle Roberts 6 күн мурун
She HAS certainly been through it. The MEDIA tore her apart, it wasn't fair.
Bob DePaola
Bob DePaola 4 күн мурун
@Pat What many considered "going rogue" many more just considered a lack of intellect
Pat 4 күн мурун
She put herself out there and didn't prepare for interviews.
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy 6 күн мурун
Why is anyone interviewing Dean Cain? Superhero of numbskulls everyone.
doug dominy
doug dominy 6 күн мурун
RUMNAZ 6 күн мурун
After giving birth to so many of his babies
elizabeth curtin
elizabeth curtin 7 күн мурун
Your very lucky in life if your marriage survives until the end
Nu 7 күн мурун
I'm sorry it has come to this. I'm no Fan of Ms Palin. But divorce is painful. But Sarah put far to much time into her Job. Her Family missed Her. Yes they had there Dad. But there are some things only Mom's can help you with. Especially Daughters. No one Is saying Sarah Should have been A Stay At Home Mom. Not forA Minute. But One thing I've Learned You Can Not Be Is A mom When She Is At Home. Then She Must Be At Home. In Mind And Body. Give Them Your Time And Full Concentration. Cut All Phones off. Be A Family. Your Job Will Still Be There In The Morning. Just My Opinion. Don't Come For Me. I'm very Sad For Sarah's Husband also. May They and there Children Find Peace. They Will Get Through This. All Things Pass With Time.
Maxson M
Maxson M 7 күн мурун
If Sara Palin is in the W.H. her ex-husband will crawl through the front door instead of the windows.
Chuck's poke
Chuck's poke 7 күн мурун
Please……it was over and she probably knew it before the email. The email from his attorney was official notification.
Valentin R. Dominguez
Valentin R. Dominguez 7 күн мурун
It is very disappointing to learn of Senator McCain's public expression of regret of having selected Sarah Palin as his running mate considering all the abuse and pain that she and her family was subjected to by the Democrats and the media as a result of that selection. That attack was due to that fact that she is an intelligent, highly articulate, outspoken, hard working, attractive and brave contender and they feared that. It was, because that she was effective that she was attacked. It was Senator McCain who selected her, not the other way around. I could only imagine the feelings of betrayal that this wonderful women must have felt.
Bob DePaola
Bob DePaola 4 күн мурун
@Valentin R. Dominguez Oh yes, she's come so far since 2008! Let's see. Obama won 2 terms as president, raised 2 well adjusted and intelligent daughters, has a strong marriage. The media didn't have to do a hatchet job on her-she did it to herself.
Valentin R. Dominguez
Valentin R. Dominguez 4 күн мурун
@Bob DePaola What would one say of President Obama who once stated that there were 57 states and that Austrians spoke Austrian. Considering the biased and partisan media malpractice performed on her, she did very well.
Bob DePaola
Bob DePaola 4 күн мурун
Intelligent? This woman who could not even name a single magazine or newspaper when asked what she read? Who didn't know there were 2 Koreas? Could not even name her favorite Supreme Court justice? Who thought The Queen ran England? Who thought Africa was a country?
b p
b p 5 күн мурун
Intelligent & articulate, you have to be kidding. Outspoken, yes. But that's not good when you have nothing important to say. She's a train wreck.
Billie Hayworth
Billie Hayworth 7 күн мурун
Be may be wasteful to feel too sorry for Sarah..........
b p
b p 5 күн мурун
Yes, this woman will mow down anyone who gets in her way. Problem is she has never known where she's going or what she's doing.
jerry vincent
jerry vincent 7 күн мурун
She is a wonderful person. I can testify to how it feels to divorce after being married thirty years.🇺🇸🐻
Lauren Agetstein
Lauren Agetstein 7 күн мурун
I am not surprised!!! It’s a fact that one of the leading reasons for divorce is having a special needs child!!! There are worse ways she could have found out!!! He could have had an affair!!!
Virginia Schott
Virginia Schott 7 күн мурун
30 yrs deserves so much more respect than the coward gave it.
Christopher Miller
Christopher Miller 7 күн мурун
beautoxxbeautoxx 8 күн мурун
Mary Torres
Mary Torres 8 күн мурун
This bitch still around?!!
Jermain Anderson
Jermain Anderson 8 күн мурун
Way to Go Todd 😄 I'm surprised Todd stayed in the marriage as long as he did. He was probably humiliated and miserable. The children are important. At least be friendly, and get along around the children.
Bob DePaola
Bob DePaola 4 күн мурун
I have to laugh at all these comments about how he was a coward by e-mailing Sarah about the divorce. I'm sure he tried telling her he wanted a divorce many times. She doesn't listen. He had to get her attention in some way so he e-mailed her. I'd do the same thing!
Bob DePaola
Bob DePaola 4 күн мурун
True!! And it was HIS last name that got dragged through the mud.
Susan Robin
Susan Robin 8 күн мурун
What a freaking jerk!!
Joyce K
Joyce K 8 күн мурун
May have got you beat Sarah.
A Jaclyn
A Jaclyn 9 күн мурун
Its karma for Sarah. She started the false QANON conspiracy theories against Obama and the Democrats.
larry wiggin
larry wiggin 9 күн мурун
McCain was the weak link not Sarah, he was a swamp creature to the nth degree!
Laure Gueu
Laure Gueu 10 күн мурун
She was busy on trump train 🚆🚆🚆 allergy dur
OUMUAMUA 10 күн мурун
a family of alcoholics
Revonda Dickens
Revonda Dickens 10 күн мурун
Well at least she got a email my cousin didn't know that her husband wanted out of the marriage until she came home from work and the living room and bedroom furniture were GONE..with all his clothes.. and what's WORSE is THAT old dude even took the food out of the refrigerator.. now that's what you called a petty ass S.O.B
Vicki Palladeno
Vicki Palladeno 10 күн мурун
He seems like a jerk
Papa Bear
Papa Bear 10 күн мурун
Well she did screw half the basketball team!!!!!
Bob DePaola
Bob DePaola 10 күн мурун
I think he only put it in email format because it was the only way to get her attention. She's not known for listening. I'm sure it wasn't the first time she heard the d-word from him
Marilyn McNeely
Marilyn McNeely 11 күн мурун
Pamela Keller
Pamela Keller 11 күн мурун
Jane Butterfly
Jane Butterfly 12 күн мурун
Who cares, she's an air head. I don't care about her or her fake christian family.
Elizabeth Abraham
Elizabeth Abraham 12 күн мурун
I wonder why?
RustyRules426 12 күн мурун
Everyone has the right to move on but Too picked the cowards way to tell her.
Lucy Pollard
Lucy Pollard 13 күн мурун
Her look gives me Granny Clampette on a bad day..
J Stone
J Stone 14 күн мурун
How cares. Living with her would be intolerable.
b p
b p 5 күн мурун
Totally agree. The woman is a whack job with no real direction.
Bob DePaola
Bob DePaola 11 күн мурун
Can you only imagine?
Watch It Now Watch It Later
Watch It Now Watch It Later 14 күн мурун
This is why I won't bring my future partner in America. This type of behaviour isn't accepted. And whoever initiated the marriage and then divorce may God's judgment be harsh upon both
knavic 14 күн мурун
She's hot
Bob DePaola
Bob DePaola 4 күн мурун
A hot mess
nancy reilly-napolitano
nancy reilly-napolitano 14 күн мурун
what took him so long?
Bob DePaola
Bob DePaola 11 күн мурун
Karen Altman
Karen Altman 14 күн мурун
No comment
Mini Abbott
Mini Abbott 14 күн мурун
Who gives a crap
Josie Chiodo
Josie Chiodo 7 күн мурун
You must have if you commented
Kathy Tanksley
Kathy Tanksley 15 күн мурун
How sad….I wish them both well.
Cyn 10 саат мурун
@Bob DePaola i totally agree Bob!!!
Bob DePaola
Bob DePaola 11 күн мурун
Especially Todd, He deserves happiness after putting up with her
patrick lewis
patrick lewis 16 күн мурун
Rahted Kiss me Neck 🇯🇲 The End Of De Ole Meat 🥩 I Guess She was Getting Too Old For Lizzard Lap And Backshot 😁😁
F. E. McCole
F. E. McCole 16 күн мурун
He seems to have taken the coward's way to end it so wonder if there is another woman involved.
David Wilson
David Wilson 16 күн мурун
Who in their right mind would want her.?
Sharon Crist
Sharon Crist 16 күн мурун
No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.
Pam Miller
Pam Miller 16 күн мурун
I don't think mr. M would have done as good as he did with out Sara in on the ticket. Was very easy for him to blame everything on her.
Sandy Rose
Sandy Rose 11 күн мурун
People usually blame others for their shortcomings. Americans were just not "into him."
j weather
j weather 16 күн мурун
And to think they could have been a couple at the insurrection! Oh well, yet another missed opportunity.
Mieke Bruin
Mieke Bruin 16 күн мурун
Well that said everything about their marriage. Just 2 people that happen to be in the same room sometimes.
Marjorie Sweeney
Marjorie Sweeney 16 күн мурун
I am told that “nothing lasts forever.”
ya ya Bradley
ya ya Bradley 16 күн мурун
He got tired of her azz😁😁😁😁
Jordan O'Dwyer
Jordan O'Dwyer 16 күн мурун
Her look gives me Dolly Parton in Executive Realness
Cynthia Arons
Cynthia Arons 16 күн мурун
What a way to hear about husband wanting a divorce! What a coward!
Kathie O'Ray
Kathie O'Ray 11 күн мурун
Been there, it's soul crushing.
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith 16 күн мурун
Sarah Palin is NOT someone I like. At the very same time, looks like she’s not as shitty as her husband which says a LOT about him. Outside of politics, she’s still just a woman. And that would break me, especially if he had played it like it was fine for months knowing his attorney was working on it the whole time. I’d never vote for her, and I think that if she supports this bullshit that’s going on with Trump STILL she needs to go back to Alaska and be quiet. But damn that’s cold.
Edward Vickers
Edward Vickers 16 күн мурун
Sarah is a strong women, we will see her again on top again a smart strong beautiful women.
Bob DePaola
Bob DePaola 4 күн мурун
@MiltonGoinsHome Says a lot about conservatives if they trusted Caribou Barbie.
MiltonGoinsHome 8 күн мурун
@Ilana Million McCain is the reason McCain lost the election. He rarely challenge BHO on anything. He got a boost in the polls when he put Palin up because conservatives did not trust him (for good reason). They trusted Palin, however and rallied around McCain after the choice.
Bob DePaola
Bob DePaola 11 күн мурун
The only thing she has done of note since the 2008 election is enrich her bank account
Rhonda Schuck
Rhonda Schuck 13 күн мурун
Ilana Million
Ilana Million 13 күн мурун
Sorry but her IQ is in the single digits and she didn't even bother to finish out her term as Governor. She was also the main reason McCain lost the election.
samantha sims
samantha sims 16 күн мурун
At times u just fall out of love
charlotte barnes
charlotte barnes 16 күн мурун
I love Sarah let him go you deserve better.we admire you and have follow you over the yrs smart lady God Bless
Xon Zerning
Xon Zerning 16 күн мурун
Basically 1 of em won't have Russia as their neighbour any longer
dewalt 459
dewalt 459 11 күн мурун
Why is that ?
Man of Tomorrow
Man of Tomorrow 16 күн мурун
Holy shit. After THIRTY years of marriage!? Smh.
Samantha Workman-Fenn
Samantha Workman-Fenn 5 күн мурун
He is a coward to have done such a thing
Victoria Ivanova
Victoria Ivanova 8 күн мурун
only after 35
robert recco
robert recco 16 күн мурун
She nothing but count good for him
Michelle Olberding
Michelle Olberding 16 күн мурун
Shit happens
Don F
Don F 14 күн мурун
Actually she didn’t even say that dumbass. It was a spoof on snl.
Michelle Olberding
Michelle Olberding 16 күн мурун
Lived in Alaska when she was governor of Juneau and she could see Russia from her house hello alaska was Russia how stupid is that maybe she didn't learn anything in history class may be Todd new she wad a lost cause
Marty Baldwin
Marty Baldwin 16 күн мурун
If they’re supportive of this most recent madness they can both go to hell.
MiltonGoinsHome 8 күн мурун
What "most recent madness" are you talking about?
Florissa Van De Pol
Florissa Van De Pol 15 күн мурун
From what I have seen, she is. I don't know exactly about him but it wouldn't surprise me at all.
Ki Ma
Ki Ma 16 күн мурун
Such is life.
Tina Plourde
Tina Plourde 16 күн мурун
Divorce sucks 🤨🤨
Tina Plourde
Tina Plourde 16 күн мурун
Samantha sims ur absolutely right 😏
samantha sims
samantha sims 16 күн мурун
Yea but if u arent happy or in love anymore why stay in a marriage if u arent in love anymore
Dark Sense
Dark Sense 16 күн мурун
She's an idiot but doesn't deserve this.
Juanita Pina
Juanita Pina 16 күн мурун
The heck with him!!! If he can’t appreciate a fabulous person like you than as I said the hell with him…..he has the the Disease that’s called the grass looks greener on the other side he will find out different
samantha sims
samantha sims 16 күн мурун
U do realize women do the same thing right smh
simcast 16 күн мурун
I would want to divorce her too.
Sole Jenkins
Sole Jenkins 16 күн мурун
i kinda feel bad doe
AKuM se-12
AKuM se-12 16 күн мурун
who wants to stay with that
Don F
Don F 14 күн мурун
Um well i would.
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