What Christina Haack Gets To Keep In Her Divorce From Ant

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12 күн мурун

Christina Haack has made a name for herself as a house-flipping real estate mogul and reality TV star, but underneath the spotlight, she's also very publicly fallen in and out of love.

Christina rose to fame alongside her first husband Tarek El Moussa, whom she married in 2009, but the couple divorced after just shy of 10 years.

Christina moved on to a new relationship with Ant Anstead in 2018, but that relationship also ended in divorce. Since announcing their separation, the couple has been splitting up assets and sorting out a custody agreement for the son they share together, Hudson. This is what Christina Haack gets to keep in her divorce from Ant.

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The List
The List 11 күн мурун
What do you think about Christina Haack?
Debby Etheridge
Debby Etheridge 3 күн мурун
I think she has a great show,he is a loser both he and his girlfriend are conceited and boring
Rachek Leblanc
Rachek Leblanc 7 күн мурун
I really like Christina
JimPNY55 JimP
JimPNY55 JimP 10 күн мурун
@Gwen B Haack
Gwen B
Gwen B 10 күн мурун
It is Hack not Hawk.
JimPNY55 JimP
JimPNY55 JimP 11 күн мурун
She is a POS. She must also be a licensed real estate agent since she keeps selling her "property " - The Haack Triangle.
itsjustme 9 саат мурун
Why do these people, meaning celebrities or whatever you call them, immediately jump into another relationship?
Elizabeth Rocha
Elizabeth Rocha 2 күн мурун
When people keep messing up with the relationships they are in it just means that they have a shitty self concept. when you work on your self concept and change your subconscious mind about it everything in your life including relationships will be the best!
Carlo 3 күн мурун
Oh man, those pleasantries now look like a joke now. Really. Maybe Ant's motor wasn't properly oiled.
Shawnta Amanze
Shawnta Amanze 6 күн мурун
What was the reason they divorced??? I think she gets bored with men.
Martin Jennings
Martin Jennings 7 күн мурун
For the 1st time she and I agree . It came Right out of her own mouth. She's nuts
David A
David A 9 күн мурун
Holly Weirds need not pro-create
Patrick Didier
Patrick Didier 9 күн мурун
How can you deliver such crap??? Who cares about their story ?
Gwen B
Gwen B 10 күн мурун
Sounds like Ant got the short end of the stick and the Hack got most.
Rachek Leblanc
Rachek Leblanc 3 күн мурун
Wouldn't they each get what they brought into the marriage being as it was so darn short
Factual Breakdown
Factual Breakdown 10 күн мурун
It's the children here that count. To Christina's credit, she stayed amicable with Tarek, and his parents, and is happy that he's found love with his fiancee. This means that the children are not subject to the nastiness and drama that characterizes most divorces. As for Mr. Anstead, Christina didn't know him very well before marrying him, and when it turned out that the only thing they had in common was their child, the end of that relationship was inevitable. Now I hear that just after a few weeks, Anstead may already be living with Renee Zelwigger, who, after her involvement with the utterly repugnant Sean Penn, would be "damaged goods," I'd think. Perhaps a case of lowered expectations, but these people seem to move way too fast, since if I recall correctly, Tarek El Moussa moved his new girlfriend in within a matter of weeks. Now, will Christina do the same with this new beau? I'm not so sure, since I do not think that this would be healthy for the children. Their father's living situation is more so legitimized by their impending wedding, but truth be told, if Christina is done having children, as I suspect she is, there is no reason for her to rush into anything with this latest love interest.
Jeannie Feaster
Jeannie Feaster 10 күн мурун
They move on so fast, but to each their own. Like she says, "I'll do what I want." I'm not a fan, not cause of any judgment, but basically cause I know very little about her. I never watched her show, but what goes on with she, her current & ex men is their business. I am however a fan of her fashion style.
SHEIKH ADNAN 11 күн мурун
I hope Ant Anstead back in Wheeler Dealers ..
robert recco
robert recco 11 күн мурун
Finally dump the count
mesi mesi
mesi mesi 11 күн мурун
What does he do for a living to afford all those properties?
Rachek Leblanc
Rachek Leblanc 3 күн мурун
Who ant? He has a show ABT cars that's his passion
Lynda Rocha
Lynda Rocha 11 күн мурун
She gets to get away from an idiot that calls himself Ant?
Michele KT
Michele KT 11 күн мурун
No judgment, but listening to other people's caring opinions and advice can help you see things you may not be able to see on your own.
Servragh Giorsal
Servragh Giorsal 11 күн мурун
I never did like her.she seemed like a bully and pouter when she didn't get her way with Tarek el Moussa. Egocentric to the max!!
Kaliwind X
Kaliwind X 11 күн мурун
I am always leery of these couples who keep declaring their love for each other publicly. It’s like they are trying to convince them selves. People who are truly in love do not need to advertise it. They are too busy living their lives
Krystal Martin
Krystal Martin 10 күн мурун
yes! I feel the same way
AmiEvil 11 күн мурун
BBD = Bigger Better Deal. Always moving up
Sharene Pomnitz
Sharene Pomnitz 11 күн мурун
She has always come off as a "B" to me.
vivian jones
vivian jones 11 күн мурун
God bless you. Have fun!
tinyken 11 күн мурун
tinyken 11 күн мурун
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